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Infrastructure is one of the core strength that makes Sanika Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. The strength is derived from the manufacturing facilities who handle a wide range of reactions in synthetic chemistry. The multiple facilities offer us the flexibility needed to meet the customer needs.

Plant Facilities :
We are able to carry out following reactions in our plant:

  • Friedel-Crafts Reaction
  • Bromination Reaction
  • Chlorination Reaction
  • Condensation Reaction
  • Oxidation Reaction
  • Diazotisation Reaction
  • Cynation Reaction
  • Nitration Reaction
  • Cyclation Reaction

We have the following facilities in our plant:

  • Fractional Distillation with vacuum 0.1 torr. (02 nos).
  • Heating Facilities upto 250°C.
  • With the brine chilling we are able to take the plant condition upto – 25°C.
  • Steam Boiler of 3000 kg/hr capacity and 10 kg/cm2 pressure.
  • FBD of capacity 120 kg / hr with complete Stainless Steel assembly (Material contact part).
  • Multi milling facilities.
  • Ample storage facility.

Our Strength:

  • Multipurpose state of art plant.
  • Specially reserved area for finished product handling.
  • Multipurpose glass line and stainless steel reactor with capacity 50 ltr to 6500 ltr.
  • Reaction temperature ranging in between -10°C and 250°C.
  • Production capacity 100 MT per Month.
  • Process Development for better quality and cost effective.
  • Customer satisfaction.